What's happening in the Counter Lab?


Congratulations to Dr. Zahra Kabiri for her appointment to Assistant Professor of Surgery at Duke University.  We wish you the very best in starting your own lab!


Congratulations to first author Dr. Siqi Li for publishing her study entitled "Signaling levels mold the RAS mutation tropism of urethane" published in the journal Elife.


Congratulations to first author Dr. Hema Adhikari for publishing her study entitled "Oncogenic KRAS is dependent upon an EFR3API4KA signaling axis for potent tumorigenic activity" in the journal Nature Communications.


Congratulations to Siqi Li for successfully defending her Ph.D. thesis entitled "Elucidating the mechanisms underlying the mutational bias of RAS genes in cancer using a chemical carcinogenesis mouse model"  Way to go Dr. Li!


Congratulations to Jackson Peterson to being admitted into graduate school at UNC-CH!


Congratulations to first authors Jackson Peterson & Siqi Li for publishing their study entitled "Expression of transgenes enriched in rare codons is enhanced by the MAPK pathway" in the journal Scientific Reports.


Congratulations to first authors Drs. Jessica Sawyer & Zahra Kabiri in publishing their study entitled "Exploiting codon usage identifies intensity specific modifiers of Ras/MAPK signaling in vivo" in the journal PLoS Genetics.


Congratulations to Siqi Li on publishing her first peer-reviewed, primary research paper being accepted by Nature Communications.  Siqi is the lead author on a study entitled "Capturing the primordial Kras mutation initiating urethane carcinogenesis".


Congratulations to Hema Adhikari on being selected for a K99-R00 grant!


The Counter Lab is headed to the small GTPase summer retreat August 2019.


The Counter Lab is headed to the UNC/Duke P01 RAS Retreat May 20-23rd, 2019.


In October of 2018, we celebrated the 20 year anniversary of the Counter Lab!